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Statewide Conferences

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2019: “Transitions”

Anaheim, March 8-9
Identifying resources and strategies for managing some of life’s major transitions.
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2016: “Symbols of Tea”

Employing the symbolic theme of tea for its healing, calming, and strengthening properties.
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2010: “Self Determination”

Long Beach
Identifying themes, strategies and solutions to support self-determination the APIs with disabilities communities.
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2005: “Branch Out and Become One”

Garden Grove

2001: “Facing Forward: Creating Disability Pride in our API Communities”

Developing a forum to educate and empower Asians and Pacific Islanders with disabilities and an interactive process for service providers to learn about the barriers inherent in our cultures.
Click here to download the 2001 conference brochure.

1999: “A Call to Action”

Los Angeles
“More national attention must be paid to disability issues in all minority communities. It is imperative that we organize our communities because we need to make people understand why the laws are important and why APIs with disabilities should be hired.”
Click here to download the 1999 conference brochure.