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ARCH Workshops

[Image Description: Image is a logo of the ARCH program. There is an arch with three layers of three colors (dark purple, red, & burgundy.) To the right of the arch is text that reads, “ARCH” in a dark purple. Underneath the arch and text is another line of text that reads, “ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCES FOR CAMPUS HEALTH” in black.

Workshop Topics

Workshop TopicDescription
Transitioning Back to School An online workshop geared to help students ease back into school on an online environment.

Will include tips and tricks to overcoming anxiety of the new school year.
Tips for Studying Remotely A workshop geared to provide study and organizational tips for students while engaging in remote learning.

Workshop Schedule

ARCH workshops are hosted every Tuesday and Friday from 1PM-2PM (PST.)

08/31/21Transitioning Back to School09/03/21Transitioning Back to School
09/07/21Transitioning Back to School09/10/21Transitioning Back to School
09/14/21 Tips for Studying Remotely09/17/21Tips for Studying Remotely
09/21/21Tips for Studying Remotely09/24/21Tips for Studying Remotely

RSVP for ARCH Workshops

To RSVP for our workshop, you can fill out our event registration below.
You will not be admitted in the Zoom if you have not RSVP’d through our registration.

Note: We ask that students use their student email when registering for our workshops.

Tips for Studying Remotely